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Titanium Fittings

Titanium Fittings
Titanium Fittings
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Titanium Fittings

Our commitment towards achieving full client satisfaction has led us to export an appreciable range of Titanium Fittings. These fittings are extensively used in commercial and industrial water & oil pipelines for flawless movement of liquids. Our vendor employs advance machines and quality approved titanium to manufacture Titanium Fittings, in accordance with industry set norms and standard. We offer these fittings at affordable prices within the stipulated time frame.


  • High tensile strength
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion resistance



We are the Stockiest and Exporter and Supplier of Titanium Fittings ,Grades Available as follows::

B363 B861 B862 B338 B265
B367 B381
B363 WPT2 B861 Grade 1 B862 Grade 1 B338 Grade 1 B265 Grade 1 B348 Grade 1 Grade C-2 B381 F-1
B363 WPT2H B861 Grade 2 B862 Grade 2 B338 Grade 2 B265 Grade 2 B348 Grade 2 Grade C-3 B381 F-2
B363 WPT3 B861 Grade 2H B862 Grade 2H B338 Grade 2H B265 Grade 2H B348 Grade 2H Grade C-5 B381 F-2H
B363 WPT7 B861 Grade 3 B862 Grade 3 B338 Grade 3 B265 Grade 3 B348 Grade 3 Grade C-6 B381 F-3
B363 WPT7H B861 Grade 5 B862 Grade 5 B338 Grade 7 B265 Grade 4 B348 Grade 4 Grade C-7 B381 F-4
B363 WPT9 B861 Grade 7 B862 Grade 7 B338 Grade 7H B265 Grade 5 B348 Grade 5 Grade C-8 B381 F-5
B363 WPT11 B861 Grade 7H B862 Grade 7H B338 Grade 9 B265 Grade 6  B348 Grade 6  Grade C-9 B381 F-6
B363 WPT12 B861 Grade 9 B862 Grade 9 B338 Grade 11 B265 Grade 7 B348 Grade 7 Grade C-12 B381 F-7
B363 WPT13 B861 Grade 11 B862 Grade 11 B338 Grade 12  B265 Grade 7H B348 Grade 7H Grade C-16 B381 F-7H
B363 WPT14 B861 Grade 12  B862 Grade 12  B338 Grade 13 B265 Grade 9 B348 Grade 9 Grade C-17 B381 F-9
B363 WPT15 B861 Grade 13 B862 Grade 13 B338 Grade 14 B265 Grade 11 B348 Grade 11 Grade C-18 B381 F-11
B363 WPT16 B861 Grade 14 B862 Grade 14 B338 Grade 15 B265 Grade 12  B348 Grade 12  Grade C-38 B381 F-12
B363 WPT16H B861 Grade 15 B862 Grade 15 B338 Grade 16 B265 Grade 13 B348 Grade 13
B381 F-13
B363 WPT17 B861 Grade 16 B862 Grade 16 B338 Grade 16H B265 Grade 14 B348 Grade 14
B381 F-14
B363 WPT18 B861 Grade 16H B862 Grade 16H B338 Grade 17 B265 Grade 15 B348 Grade 15
B381 F-15
B363 WPT19 B861 Grade 17 B862 Grade 17 B338 Grade 18 B265 Grade 16 B348 Grade 16
B381 F-16
B363 WPT20 B861 Grade 18 B862 Grade 18 B338 Grade 26 B265 Grade 16H B348 Grade 16H
B381 F-17
B363 WPT21 B861 Grade 19 B862 Grade 19 B338 Grade 26H B265 Grade 17 B348 Grade 17
B381 F-18
B363 WPT23 B861 Grade 20  B862 Grade 20  B338 Grade 27 B265 Grade 18 B348 Grade 18
B381 F-19
B363 WPT24 B861 Grade 21 B862 Grade 21 B338 Grade 28 B265 Grade 19 B348 Grade 19
B381 F-20
B363 WPT25 B861 Grade 23 B862 Grade 23 B338 Grade 29 B265 Grade 20  B348 Grade 20 
B381 F-21
B363 WPT26 B861 Grade 24 B862 Grade 24 B338 Grade 30  B265 Grade 21 B348 Grade 21
B381 F-23
B363 WPT26H B861 Grade 25 B862 Grade 25 B338 Grade 31 B265 Grade 23 B348 Grade 23
B381 F-24
B363 WPT27 B861 Grade 26 B862 Grade 26 B338 Grade 33 B265 Grade 24 B348 Grade 24
B381 F-25
B363 WPT28 B861 Grade 26H B862 Grade 26H B338 Grade 34  B265 Grade 25 B348 Grade 25
B381 F-26
B363 WPT33 B861 Grade 27 B862 Grade 27 B338 Grade 35 B265 Grade 26 B348 Grade 26
B381 F-26H
B363 WPT34 B861 Grade 28 B862 Grade 28 B338 Grade 36 B265 Grade 26H B348 Grade 26H
B381 F-27
B363 WPT35 B861 Grade 29 B862 Grade 29 B338 Grade 37 B265 Grade 27 B348 Grade 27
B381 F-28
B363 WPT36 B861 Grade 33 B862 Grade 33 B338 Grade 38 B265 Grade 28 B348 Grade 28
B381 F-29
B363 WPT37 B861 Grade 34  B862 Grade 34 
B265 Grade 29 B348 Grade 29

B363 WPT38 B861 Grade 35 B862 Grade 35
B265 Grade 30  B348 Grade 30

B861 Grade 36 B862 Grade 37
B265 Grade 31

B861 Grade 37 B862 Grade 38
B265 Grade 32

B861 Grade 38

B265 Grade 33

B265 Grade 34 

B265 Grade 35

B265 Grade 36

B265 Grade 37

B265 Grade 38

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